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  • Authoritative tax, legal and practical guidebooks (Up to date "Starting and Operating a Business in ..." e-books for Windows or Kindle) for 32 states and D.C., by a Harvard lawyer, former Big 4 CPA and million-selling author. Each e-book state edition is about 500 pages if printed and has been fully updated in 2016, 2017, or 2018 for federal and state law changes. All editions are available as KINDLE e-books ($9.99 each). The books in this series are an indispensable tool if you are starting a small business!

  • Free, in-depth, objective info on the pros and cons, ins and outs, and taxation of limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships, including state fees and treatment of LLCs for 18 states.

    In addition, view our Free Smallbiz tax and legal news page (federal and for most states and D.C.). See notes on recent significant tax and business law changes, posted when each of our state editions are updated, organized by federal items and a segment for tax and business law and regulatory developments for each state. Click here to view the SmallBiz News page.

  • Our list of the "Top 40 Smallbiz Sites" on the web, offering links to free or other helpful information for businesses.

  • Free articles excerpted from our small business guidebooks, on:

  • Free Business Plan Guide, with example and detailed, line-by-line analysis.

  • Free (online) Virginia Edition of this e-book series, a sample of our state-specific tax and legal guidebooks for each state.

  • Free downloadable Small Business Advisor trial version for 4 states (DC, ND, VT and WY). For information about the highly sophisticated Small Business Advisor software, which is fully updated throughout for the new provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (tax reform), click here.

  • Order the Small Business Advisor software and/or any of the e-book guides. State editions of the software are available for 32 states and the District of Columbia (but are not available for the following states: ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MS, MT, OH, OK, OR, RI, TN, UT, VA, and WI).


Over 55? You can Start a Business Too!

Click here for a helpful article for seniors who are thinking of starting a business, including links to specialized web sites that provide advice to seniors on small business startups.


  • Wall Street Raider -- the sophisticated corporate finance and stock market simulation / Game, with realistic mergers, tender offers, liquidations, LBOs, IPOs, "greenmail," spin-offs, tax strategizing, and all the other tools of corporate high finance. All action occurs in a "live action" economic environment, with moving simulated stock ticker and scrolling news ticker. Sharpen your business I.Q. and your investing skills with this extraordinarily realistic (and addictive) simulator.

  • Click here to see the latest press release, announcing the release of Version 8.0 of Wall Street Raider, with important new features, including convertible bonds (for investing, or for financing companies you control in the simulation) and the ability to set stock price alerts for any stock in the game, so you will be notified by a pop-up message if or when the stock reaches the price objective you set. The price you set can be any price above or below the current stock price. In addition, numerous changes have made the simulation more realistic (and more challenging).

  • View user comments about old and new versions of Wall Street Raider.

  • Download and try a free copy of the Wall Street Raider shareware version, the basic version with simulated stock and bond trading, commodity futures (gold, silver, oil, wheat, corn) trading, and all types of complex corporate transactions enabled (mergers, spin-offs, liquidations, etc.).

    You can also download here, from one of the many shareware sites listed.

  • Or get your copy of the full version of Wall Street Raider, which also enables stock and commodity charts, short selling, and put & call options trading, plus other derivatives trading (interest rate swaps), in addition to the stock, bond, and commodity futures trading permitted in the basic (free) version. ORDER HERE.

  • Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation -- A "pure" investment game, with a simulated "live" investment environment that is similar to Wall Street Raider, but in this game, you are a middle-class small investor, starting off as a novice, with only $100,000 you have just inherited, instead of starting out as a billionaire (in Wall Street Raider). It's a highly challenging game, since you are strictly an investor, not a billionaire who can take over companies and manipulate their stock prices or dominate whole industries. As such, in this simulation, you have to do good investment research, perusing information on the 1000+ companies, to sniff out undervalued stocks and bonds (including convertible bonds) in order to get ahead. The game is remarkably realistic, and will definitely hone your "real world" investing skills, as you learn (by doing) to read balance sheets and earnings reports and analyze stock and commodity charts.

    Initially, as a novice trader in Speculator, you can only invest in stocks and bonds, and aren't allowed to buy stocks on "margin" (borrowed money). But once you grow your portfolio up to $200,000 or more, your broker will upgrade you to a margin account; if you grow it to $300,000, you can do short sales; at $400,000 you will be eligible for put and call options trading; and at the expert level ($500,000 or above), you will be able to open a commodities trading account, to trade commodity futures and/or stock index futures, for potentially huge profits (or losses).

  • Download and try a free copy of the Speculator shareware version, the basic version with simulated stock and bond trading, which allows you to work your way up to margin trading. (Short-selling, options trading and futures trading are only enabled in the Registered Version -- order it below.)

  • Or ORDER the full, registered version of Speculator, our stock trading game, which lets you play games of up to 30 "years" in length, versus 3 years in the shareware (free) version. If you are a registered user of Wall Street Raider, contact us at the email address below to obtain a link for ordering Speculator for only $9.95 (rather than the regular price of $19.95).


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