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!!! Check out WallStreetRaider.com, our secure main website, devoted solely to our financial games software! Or just Google "Wall Street Raider" or "Speculator" to learn more about these two unique financial games/simulations....
  • Wall Street Raider -- the sophisticated corporate finance and stock market simulation / Game, with realistic mergers, tender offers, liquidations, LBOs, IPOs, "greenmail," spin-offs, tax strategizing, and all the other tools of corporate high finance. All action occurs in a "live action" economic environment, with moving simulated stock ticker and scrolling news ticker. Sharpen your business I.Q. and your investing skills with this extraordinarily realistic (and addictive) simulator.

    This realistic simulation offers a vast array of stocks to invest in (or sell short), in up to 1590 companies in 70 industries, plus 20 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), government bonds, corporate bonds issued by hundreds of the companies (including convertible bonds), plus executive stock options, salary, and bonuses if you become CEO of a publicly-traded company that you control.

    Also, you can speculate in put and call options, commodity futures on oil, gold, silver, wheat, corn, and the Stock Market Index. You can be a passive investor or trader or, as a billionaire, you can take over companies and manage them, seeking to increase their profits and drive up their stock price and perhaps dominate their industry by crushing competitors.

  • Click here to see the latest press release, announcing the publication of Version 9.75 of Wall Street Raider.

  • Among numerous other new features, the previous release, Version 9.50 added built-in inflation to the simulation for gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. It also introduced Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies (and futures trading on each) to Wall Street Raider. Another new feature allows you to turn off ("repeal") the civil or criminal anti-trust laws, or both, to create a more lawless, 19th-century style "robber baron" economic model, making it easier to create monopolies.

  • Major features introduced in the prior release, Version 9.0, included detailed 3-month cash flow projections for corporations and warnings when a company you control is projected to face serious cash flow problems within the next 3 months, giving you a chance to prevent forced sales of assets by taking decisive actions to avert the company's cash flow crunch (if possible).

  • Version 9.0, our 2021 edition, as users had requested, also added a rarely occurring but devastating "pandemic scenario" that can play out for years, bankrupting many companies, while enriching a few others.

  • Several of the other main new features added in Versions 8.70 to 9.0 deal with Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Version 9.0 included 5 new ETFs, including 3 different types of bond funds (government, investment-grade, and "junk" bond ETFs), and two triple-leveraged Stock Index ETFs -- one that is a chancey (3X) bet on a rising stock market, and the other a 3X short bet that the Stock Index will fall. In response to requests from users, Versions 8.70-8.72 enabled players to manage the investments of ETFs, if the player controls an insurance company or securities broker that is the adviser to the ETF.

    We also built in new incentive compensation features for ETF fund managers, so if an ETF has a large amount of capital appreciation in any 2-calendar year measurement period, the fund's investment adviser/manager will be paid an incentive management fee or bonus equal to 20% of the gain that exceeds 20% for the 2-year period. In short, a player can now operate ETFs much like a hedge fund, and the large incentive fee paid to the player's controlled insurance company or securities broker can give a huge boost to that company's earnings (and stock price).

    Also, a "maximum growth rate throttle" has been added to the "Settings" menu, so if you control a large number of companies and want to limit the expansion rate for all of them, such as when a recession or depression strikes, you can immediately do so by using the growth rate throttle to set a maximum growth rate your companies will not attempt to exceed.

    Other recent releases have added numerous other important new features, as listed HERE, including:
    • Convertible bonds (for investing, or for financing companies you control in the simulation);
    • The ability to set stock price alerts for any stock in the game, so you will be notified by a pop-up message if or when the stock reaches the price objective you set;
    • Bank asset allocation -- a player can now set an asset allocation strategy for a bank he or she controls, which the bank will attempt to maintain, despite actions like early repayment of corporate loans or demands to extend more credit that require liquidation of other assets by the bank; and
    • Important improvements to the spin-off routine and the database search function, such as the ability to search within a single industry or to search for convertible bonds that trade at specified premiums over their conversion value, plus many other minor improvements.

  • View user comments about Wall Street Raider, and how many have found it to be a tremendous learning tool about investing and real-world corporate finance, as well as highly entertaining.

  • Download and try a free copy of the Wall Street Raider shareware version, the basic version with simulated stock and bond trading, commodity futures (gold, silver, oil, wheat, corn) trading, and all types of complex corporate transactions enabled (mergers, spin-offs, liquidations, etc.).

    You can also download here, from one of the many secure shareware sites listed.

  • Or order your copy of the full, registered version of Wall Street Raider, which also enables stock and commodity charts, short selling, and put & call options trading, plus other derivatives trading (interest rate swaps), in addition to the stock, bond, and commodity futures trading that are enabled in the basic (free) version. ORDER HERE.

  • Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation -- A "pure" investment game, with a simulated "live" investment environment that is similar to Wall Street Raider, but in this game, you are a middle-class small investor, starting off as a novice, with only $100,000 you have just inherited, instead of starting out as a billionaire (in Wall Street Raider). It's a highly challenging game, since you are strictly an investor, not a billionaire who can take over companies and manipulate their stock prices or dominate whole industries. As such, in this simulation, you have to use your investment research skills, perusing information on the 1000+ companies, to sniff out undervalued stocks and bonds (including convertible bonds) in order to get ahead. The game is remarkably realistic, and will definitely hone your "real world" investing skills, as you learn (by doing) to read balance sheets and earnings reports and analyze stock and commodity charts.

    Initially, as a novice trader in Speculator, you can only invest in stocks and bonds, and aren't allowed to buy stocks on "margin" (borrowed money). But once you grow your portfolio up to $200,000 or more, your broker will upgrade you to a margin account; if you grow it to $300,000, you can do short sales; at $400,000 you will be eligible for put and call options trading; and at the expert level ($500,000 or above), you will be able to open a commodities trading account, to trade commodity futures and/or stock index futures, for potentially huge profits (or losses).

  • Download and try a free copy of the Speculator shareware version, the basic version with simulated stock and bond trading, which allows you to work your way up to margin trading, short-selling, options trading and futures trading. However, the shareware version limits games to 3 "years" of game play. (Stock charts are only enabled in the Registered Version, which allows games of 30 "years" -- order it below.)

  • Or ORDER the full, registered version of Speculator, our stock trading game, which lets you play games of up to 30 "years" in length, versus 3 years in the shareware (free) version. If you are a registered purchaser of Wall Street Raider, email us at mdjenk at aol (dot com) to obtain a link for ordering Speculator for only $10.95 (which is half the price of $21.95 paid by new customers).


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