• The Gonzo Chronicles *
  • Fear & Loathing in Hawaii *

By: Dr. "Coyote" Snopes

* Contains adult language and situations. Recommended for immature, tasteless adults.

Some of the most hilariously funny books ever written were the product of the fertile, twisted mind of the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, who chronicled much of the craziness of life in the 1960's and 1970's, in his first-person "Gonzo" style of reportage/fiction/opinionated-madness. Sadly, in his later years, Thompson's alcohol-soaked and drug-ravaged brain finally gave out, slowing his output of new material to a trickle, until he finally took the "Hemingway Option" for leaving the planet (a shotgun in the face), on February 20, 2005.

We mourn his passing, especially since, following Dr. Thompson's lamentable demise (and even during his unproductive later years), no other notable writers of humor in the English language have stepped up to take his place, although P.J. O'Rourke authored a few reasonably funny books in the 1990's (such as "Give War a Chance").

Now, into that humorless void has stepped the estimable Dr. Michael "Coyote" Snopes, the self-styled "one-man ethnic group," who has authored two pre-millennial "Gonzo" treatises, "The Gonzo Chronicles" and "Fear & Loathing in Hawaii -- The Shameless Rip-Off," documenting in outrageous, cantankerous prose the last two decades of the badly twisted 20th century in our allegedly civilized world. To order or to sample a couple of chapters from these two e-books, see below.


Click here to order "The Gonzo Chronicles" ($14.95, PDF file, 306 pages if printed).

Or, to see a sample chapter, "The Khartoum Caper," click here.

Click here to order "Fear & Loathing in Hawaii" ($12.95, PDF file, 137 pages if printed).

Or, to see a sample chapter, "Day of the Redneck, Night of the Warthog," click here.

Reviews of "The Gonzo Chronicles"

By: Dr. Michael C. Snopes* (*Pseudonym used by author for reasons of personal health)

  • "...Sick..." LA Herald Examiner
  • "...Crap...Not believable... Demand a refund...." National Perspirer
  • "...Warped...disturbing ...Rescind the First Amendment?..." Washington Star
  • "...Rancid, vile for burning...Not since Spengler has such utter dreck been written about the decline of the West...." St. Louis Globe-Democrat
  • "...Pure swill...terrifying!...The author of this rabid [expletives deleted] screed should be spayed & neutered before he bites anyone..." Christian Science Monitor
  • "...Unreal, ugly, paranoid stuff....The writer ... sees Secret Tax Police goons lurking behind every bush...." Conspiracy Today
  • "...[G]oes too far!... An open-and-shut case of demon possession... Best argument we've seen for bringing back crucifixion and the auto-da-fe...." Playboy
  • "...Dr. Snopes has a flair for the blatant; otherwise, his writings are perfect examples...." Seattle Post-Prevaricator and Yellow Sheet
  • "...Hysterical, raving mad Goes too far Is it finally time to ask for federal censorship....?" Rolling Stone
  • "...Strange, twisted writing that...appeals to the more primitive parts of the brain.... Transcendental Masturbation... We liked it...." New York Post
  • "...He [Dr. Snopes] may be a native son, but we sure as hell don't claim parentage!" Baton Rouge Redneck-Demagogue


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