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For support questions you may have with regard to "Wall Street Raider," or "Speculator, The Stock Trading Simulation," you will find in about 99% of cases that your setup file you downloaded was simply corrupted, and the problem you are having almost always go away if you download the file again and reinstall the program. If that does not work in your case, contact us for support at: mdjenkZEROSPAM at ..... aol ZEROSPAM dot com (removing the "ZEROSPAMs" from the address).

(NOTE: Now that "Small Business Advisor" is a free program, and is no longer being updated, we will only be providing support for registered users who purchased the program.)

The other most common problem is caused by the (usually free or cheap) ad blockers and pop-up suppression software you may have installed, some of which programs are ill-behaved and can interfere with the memory space used by our software and other game software, rather than simply stopping pop-up ads on the Internet. Turning off such blockers will in those cases stop causing certain "crazy" behavior of our software, or situations where our software will not start at all. The other (least likely) problem you may be having is that you somehow didn't realize our program you bought is a Windows program, and is not designed to run on iOS or Android systems.

Last modified: January 1, 2023