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"Your game is the greatest, most addictive, most realistic simulation of the financial markets ever invented. You would absolutely crack up to know that I've personally witnessed a bank CEO that at the time was making $13 million a year, several real estate company leaders that made even more than that, and lots of random people on airplanes playing your game on their laptops, with a crazed look in their eyes."

Scott K., (Westlake, Ohio)

"Hi, Michael,

"... Being a high school student in a third world country, I couldn't immediately afford to buy WSR so I had to make do with the trial version. Eventually, I found the two-year-long games so unsatisfying that I decided to pony up the $30 to buy it. I spent many nights after school playing the game, learning its complex structure. While my friends played Counterstrike, DoTA or whatever first-person-shooters were popular back then, I played Wall Street Raider.

"Long story short, I'm now an equity analyst at a brokerage firm here in the Philippines. I can honestly say that I learned the markets way before I even participated in it thanks to you and WSR. I just thought I'd let you know and thank you, for playing a large role in my life, despite not knowing who I am."

--Paolo B. (Quezon City, Philippines)

"I've been playing Wall Street Raider, in my spare time, for the past three months. The program is brilliant -- all the more so for how accurately it emulates what goes on in the real world. The exception being your sense of humor, which permeates so many otherwise serious incidents and makes the game very user friendly. ...I'm enthralled by the program and completely obsessed when I'm using it. My perspective on corporate strategy and financial markets will never be the same again."

-- User in Belize, Central America


"Let me start by saying that your game has completely ruined my social life, all I do any more is just sit in front of my computer and try and make the stock in my fictional company go up, it's horrible. One things for sure, before I started playing WSR I couldn't tell you the difference between a stock or a bond, now I feel that I can make a trillion dollars in the market, only if I weren't so timid."

-- Deborah T. (Georgia, USA)

"Thank you for WSR. The first time i bought a WSR copy is like 3 years ago in college. Now I am a trader in morgan stanley's mutual fund subsidiary in China. WSR taught me a ton of value investing and much more. I hope in the future when I could head a department, I would force all my analysts play WSR. :-) , which is better than any training in my opinion....

"Your product has inspired me through my career. WSR is priceless for me."

Yi Z. (China)

"Mr. J,

"I run a company called virgoanalytics.com and I am using this to train people who have masters degrees in economics :-)

"You've done a wonderful thing with this over the years !"

"Warm Regards,"

Varun G. (Mumbai, India)

Mr. Jenkins,

I have thousands of hours playing W$R and have been incredibly frustrated by every one of them.

I think that that is what makes a great game. A game is something that should not be easily beaten or mastered, it should be one that you can find new challenges with every new iteration. I think that with every new game that I started, a new challenge appeared. I would never “beat” the game twice in a row. This is the sign of great work in game design.

I would like to thank you for the attention to detail. I have learned most everything that I know about business and stocks because of this game. I am in the final stages of my MBA and have this game to thank for it. I never thought in middle/high school that I would want to be in business, ... [b]ut this game taught me about the excitement that comes with business and changed my outlook on my career path.

In short, thank you. Thank you for everything.

Zachary M. (Fort Smith, Arkansas)

"Thank you for hunting me down by snailmail. Yours was the first shareware I ever paid for and I still play the old DOS game. Got your card yesterday. stayed up all night playing, ordered this morning. Good thing it came while i'm on vacation."

-- Glen R. (Evansville, Indiana, USA)


"p.s.--your software is so "lifelike"; it is almost as if one were viewing the "real" ticker from the NYSE!"

--Jack B. (User in Alberta)

"I love the game, it's amazing...."

"The game is the gold standard for investing or trading and as an equity analyst in real life, I find the game to be a very addictive and accurate depiction of finance."

-- Reviewer on download.cnet.com

"I recently read on your website that you might be done making updates to the game. I wanted to send a quick email to let you know how much it has meant to me. My best friend and I used to play it all the time when we were teenagers (and still play it today). It was our introduction to investing. I am now in my 30's and my job involves trading options. I owe a lot to you and the game for helping me find my passion for the stock market.

"Thank you for all the hard work. It has really changed my life.


Preston C. (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

("A thank you note from a W$R cub")

Where to start?

I guess I should start from the beginning...

It was back in the early or mid 90s when I found the Wall Street Raider computer game (DOS version) while searching the net for a decent financial simulator. I spent countless hours (probably in the 1000s) mastering this game as my parents thought i was ruining my life.

At the time I was only starting to invest in the real world and tried a few investing techniques that in the end didn't get me really far (in fact I was more in the red than anything). Buying stocks under book value with improving earning prospects was my sweet spot in WSR and eventually I figured that if I was going to apply this to real life investing maybe I would have a better chance at getting interesting returns.

The results I got for the following 15 years were pretty interesting indeed (I've attached the audited track record for the years 1998 to 2012) Today, I (with 3 partners) manage the Barrage Fund :


We started the fund in 2013 applying these same concepts that I had learned in WSR some 22 years ago. While still an irrelevant player in the asset management business (with about 50M$ of AUM) we are growing nicely.

Sometimes I wonder where I would be today if you did not decide to code WSR... As the years are passing, I realize today that you are to me what Ben Graham was to Warren Buffett.

Thank you so much Mr Jenkins!

Patrick T. (mutual fund manager, Quebec)

(Note from M. Jenkins -- His attachment, a document audited by KPMG in 2012, showed he had achieved a total return of 11,807% on invested capital from 1998-2012 -- or a compounded annual rate of 40.61%. Astonishing!)

"I am a high school Economics teacher from Brisbane, Australia.

"I was addicted to W$R as a university student (well over a decade ago) but hadn't played it since, and recently stumbled across it again when looking for resources to use with my Year 11 Economics class. We started playing the shareware version in class on my laptop, and we are all hooked! It is even better than I remember and the students love exploring things they can do. Even though they don't understand a lot of the terminology at their introductory level, they are learning heaps as they go (and somehow beating me regardless! Hahaha)

"Thanks for your ongoing work on this fantastic piece of software (truly the best available anywhere!)...."

--Chris T. (high school teacher in Queensland, Australia)

"On a personal note, I must thank you for producing such an entertaining piece of software. As you say, it is a careful blend of finance, economics, accounting, and taxes. I have played with the simulation for nearly a decade, and have not tired of it."

--Josh L. (Austin, Texas, USA)

"I am still very new to the game overall, just finding out about it a little over a month ago and I have to say that I am absolutely addicted like CRAZY, I LOVE LOVE this game so much!"

Joseph McF___ (location unknown)

"Thanks Mike, I'm going to use the link and registration now to buy the new version. It's almost like having a painting on my wall by some artist I love? Just to have it is wonderful. And get into it (learn from it, admire it, etc.) Hard to explain. Sometimes science stuff gets to me like that. Most of my life has been film (motion pictures). You're doing something that is so cool! I've told so many people about your WSR stuff, you wouldn't believe. Unfortunately, most people are partially idiots and don't seem interested in learning that sort of thing."

-- Rod B___ (Minnesota, USA)

"I just wanted to write in and say that this is the best sim game I have ever played. It's very unpredictable, just like the real thing, and its highly addictive.

"When I first installed it after purchase I played it for eight hours without stop!

"I have learned a lot about the stock market just by playing this game.

"This game should probably be required for all new hires at investment firms, and should be used in all business schools. I would even be willing to bet that the institutional traders would use it to teach strategy."

-- Reagan L. (Midland, Texas, USA)

Wanted to let you know that W$R is a fantastic game. I’m 44 and remember buying it when I was probably 15 years old.

It is hands down the best real-world stock/Corp games ever. I have a 2 yr old and 4 yr old…and when old enough I hope to get them a head start by exposing them to takeovers…white knights…..shorting…..etc.

You made a 15 yr old feel like a Gordon Gecko…..

-- Beau R. (USA)

"...one more question for you, given our litigious society, could the author of an extremely addictive software be held liable for the loss of wages and productivity experienced by a roofing salesman using said software to not-really-earn-not-really-money? The answer to this one is actually for my rent co-paying girlfriend. personally, i'd rather file yet another $50 billion antitrust suit against MicroShaft, and i think i will..."

-- User in Louisville, Kentucky

"keep up the good work, your game got me into trading now i make My living on it, fun to play this game and feel like Warren buffet for a day :)"

-- Fredrik A. (Kalix, Sweden)

"i just wanted 2 say thank you sooo much for making a computer game educative, enlightening, and just downright fun. not many of those unfortunately available, especially geared toward stock exchanges. best wishes and continued success."

-- 19 y/o from NY

"W$R has been very educational as well as a fun time suck which resets my brain after working 10-12 hour days solving network problems. There have been many days/nights of playing W$R until 3am (sometimes til 5am) because I totally lost track of time kicking some A$$ building a virtual fortune. Over the years I have enjoyed W$R immensely and have looked forward to the latest updates adding more complexity and features to the game.

"It’s hard to find any simulations nowadays that don’t look like kids games (i.e. Tycoon titles) which is why I’ve enjoyed W$R so much. The interface looks basic but packs so much into it, there is no way you can get bored playing W$R.

"Your game has brought me many hours of joy & bliss and for that I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!"

--Patrick R., from Illinois

"You will find it interesting to know that using your game, I've gotten my partner's (I work in a job where a partner is required for safety) niece interested in business. She's just nine, but where she used to be more interested in watching cartoons nonstop and refusing to do her homework, she now demands I get off my computer so she can play W$R. I've managed to leverage your game into getting her to not only do her homework, but also spending more time reading and learning in general. Her mother doesn't know what to make of it!

"Seeing as we live in a very poor black neighborhood with a significant drug problem, and no one in the family has ever expressed any desire to go to college, this is all quite exciting.

"Thanks yet again for this outstanding product!"

-- David _____, user in San Francisco

"I first played this game a few years ago and thought it had ceased to exist, so when I found this new version I was thrilled. I've left the house a few times since then, for food, etc."

-- "Jamesq" (Location unknown)

"I'm leaving for college today, and if I'm still eligible, I need the update link to download it to my laptop. I also want to say I am 18 and I think this is one of the best games out there. I've stayed up until sunrise one time playing the game. So if I cannot get the upgrade I just want to say this is an amazing game and you did a great job."

-- Josh B. (Lakewood, New Jersey, USA)

"...I am a HUGE fan of your program, as it is the only realistic financial game on the web...."

-- Tim B. (Fairmont, Minnesota, USA)

"I've been playing and enjoying W$R since I was 11 years old (1987).... W$R ... either directly taught, or caused me to seek out and learn, a fairly large number of business skills that allowed me - a high school and college dropout - to rise as high as I wanted in several corporations. It was also always a prime contributor to my interest in programming and computing in general - which has worked out really well.... All this is to say that in a meaningful way I grew up with your game, and saw my life improved by it...."

--Dave R. (California, USA)

"I downloaded the new version this past May but broke up with my girlfriend who subsequently erased the game to spite me, convinced as she was that I liked the game more than I liked her. She was right. The game is awesome. Is there any way I can update again?"

-- Dave B., student at Duke University (USA)

"Thank you sir! Your company should be quite proud of this game, it is truly exceptional."

-- James R., university student (Great Britain)

"I am a 19 year old student currently attending Providence College in Providence, RI.  I stumbled upon your website when searching for a stock market simulator.  When I downloaded and opened your W$R, I found much much more than I ever expected....I am a finance major and my main focus of study is investment banking.... I can tell you right now that besides reading such books as "Liars Poker", "The Anatomy of Greed", "Infectious Greed", and "Doing Deals", as well as many others, your game has taught me countless things about today's financial market."

-- Matthew J. M.

"Also your game is brilliant, I'm no stock market expert but I'm entertained for hours at a time."

-- Scott K. (in the U.K.)

"I love this game. You taught me so much."

-- Josh B. (Washington, D.C.)

"I've been up night upon night in front of the computer, helpless. I'm addicted to W$R. All I read is about the economy and the stock market. I'm addicted to W$R. I find myself up in the morning or in the middle of the day, thinking of bonds, thinking of cashflows. Addicted.

"Your software is an evil tool from the satanist liberal-metacapitalists to enslave our children. Well, make that adults. I'm suing you and there's nothing you can do to stop it."

-- From an unhappy (and possibly litigious) user, in Brazil

"I would like to congratulate to the wall street raiders you prepared. This is the bussiness game I always needed. I think it is a fantastic economy simulation. I am a student from a Hungarian Economical University (specialized in finance), and I found your tool very useful."

-- Zoltan B., (student in Hungary)

"I just wanted to extend my gratitude for such a game as Wall Street Raider. It's an incredible tool for learning how wall street works and learning how to invest. I see it as the perfect game. It has helped me tremendously in understanding stocks, bonds, and the dynamics of the stock market."

-- Greg K. (Seattle, USA)

"I recently purchased W$R and have one thing to say. Great "entity"! "As an avid armchair investor and serious hobbyist in economics, I think this is a great tool for getting a basic understanding of the markets and how they react to various stimuli. It puts years of study into perspective. I love the small touches like when I try to change management too often, I get an unpleasant but not unexpected penalty with headhunters and parachutes! Also in one game, the international confidence in the dollar fell causing many realistic reactions in prices and yields.... I have to say this is a very interesting product! Well worth the 29 bucks in educational value alone. Wish I had it available 20 years ago when it could have helped me get interested in investing. Oh well, better late than never!"

-- Robert R. (Pennsylvania, USA)

"I would like to thank you again for the 5-year-license to use your WSR software at our school. It is being used more than ever this year, and the effect of it on our investment & finance course is noticeable."

-- Teacher, in Ontario, Canada

"I've been playing this game since back in the days of DOS. You have an amazing product and great game. One of my all time favorite games and the cause of many sleepless nights!"

-- Suvid T., in San Francisco

"... just wanted to let you know how much fun i'm having with WSR [Windows Version] 4.5, this game is like digital crack....lol. Keep up the good work."

-- Adam S. (Massachusetts, USA)

"I would have paid two hundred dollars for a program like this and have already made ten times that with the experience I've gained! It's just ingeniously and uniquely programmed to simulate wall street in a way I haven't seen before.

"I really love your program and it has been such a gift to me. I have learned so much about the market that takes years to learn. I have been able to build ideas based on market conditions and have been able to test my results in such a fast, timely way. My experience has grown by leaps and bounds since working with your program."

--Steve C. (Idaho, USA)

"I'm a Mac user and the only reason I have Windows installed is for WSR!"

--Chris E. (Portland, Oregon, USA)

"...I first played your game 10-12yrs ago while in high school, got addicted and while I haven’t played it in years, I can say it taught me a lot back then and compared to my actually being in the hedge fund world now, it’s very realistic."

--Nitin S. (New York, N.Y.)

"...I really, really, really, love this program and play it every day."

Juan P. (Georgetown, Cayman Islands)

"I am a civil engineer and got to say your game has sparked my interest.

Now I am about to start studying an applied finance degree majoring in investment! Love the game and look forward to your future releases!"

Gil W. (South Australia)

"I have played your game since I bought it years ago on a floppy with DOS.

"I am the CEO of one of the larger private companies in Canada and find that this is a great way to reduce the stress. This is a great game.

"You are very good at what you do."

--T. Y. (Canada)

"Updates add to an already great game. Wall Street Raider is a brilliant simulator, really enjoy playing it and it's a great educator too."

--Alex G. (Wicklow, Ireland)

"I have been playing wsr since somewhere around 13 or 14 and I’m 38 now love the game and very glad that it has stood the test of time thanks for all the countless hours of fun and learning that I have got from this game."

--Richard S. (User in Baltimore, Maryland)

"Oh my god! Thank you so much! My students are already playing and they are learning so much. I also installed it in their computer and their mom told me that they are "addicted" to it! They love the game and they are having so much fun."

--From a home school teacher (California)

(NOTE: If you run a home school, contact the author about a free W$R or "Speculator" site license for your home school classes. We never say "No.")

In a message dated 10/11/2010 5:49:46 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, _______@yahoo.com writes:

"This is a fantastic game! I just happened to stumble across it accidentally while browsing, tried the demo, and was totally impressed! It took me every bit of 24 hours to get the full version for windows (I have Windows 7 64bit) and I'm really enjoying it to the max!"

--James A. (Farmingdale, New York)


"You have created one of my favorite games of all time. I have been playing this since I was 12, and definitely got ahead at work because I can read balance sheets and financial reports better than most other 27 year olds. Thank you!"

--Jason H. (location unknown)

"I really love how accurate your algorithims are. As I have mentioned in the past I am a programmer myself and I am very very impressed with how realistic it is."

--Matt Y. (Etobicoke, Ontario)

"let me know if you have any more strategy games like this i might be interested to buy them. something on Android ? "'Tycoon' and all are joke now."

Shahid K, (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

"Strange isn't? You must be a genius to write a game that a person can't stop, I lost track of time last night! :)"

--Dean S. (Frisco, TX)

"Great simulation game!"

--Yeta Z. (Lusaka, Zambia)

"Thank you [for the update link]. There goes my productivity...."

--Piotr O. (Liverpool, U.K.)


"I am very interested in your WSR game. I downloaded it a few days ago from the Internet and can't stop playing it. I have sitting beside me a Sony Playstation, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis and can't play them because I'm too busy with your game."

-- Student, Univ. of Arkansas

"This is the best game I've ever played!"

-- Stockbroker with Bear, Stearns & Co., Pittsburgh

"Great game! Superbly educational! A work of art! Thanks for share-waring it."

-- User, SeaTac, Washington

"Here is my registration fee for your highly enjoyable `Wall Street Raider'. I have found that it is an excellent way to work off some aggression after a hard day on the job."

-- User, Moline, Illinois

"Hello, I recently purchased [MS-DOS] v6.71 of wsr on-line and now spend a bit too much of my life playing it - but why not? the telly's rubbish."

-- User in the U.K.

"I purchased a copy of Wall Street Raider and I have to tell you it's been one of the most addicting games I've played in a LONG time. Hope all goes well with your next book and I can't wait to see what comes next with WSR."

-- Jake R.

"Dear Mr. Jenkins-

"Thank you for taking the time to answer my letter. I purchased the full copy today.

"I must tell you (speaking of addictions) how this program has been on my Televideo XT, Packard Bell 286 Notebook, 386, 486, Pentium, and Celeron computers--it is currently on my Notebook, a Celeron 466-for some reason I could never get it to run on my Toshiba Pentium 266.... I looked and it was the old Version 3--I am so excited to get the new version, I can't wait to play!!!

"The game has been my companion many nights over the years--it has survived two wives and a slew of girlfriends--I always wondered if there were clubs or tourneys--

"Anyway, no reply is necessary to this, I just wanted to thank you. Both for your earlier reply and the hours of fun your game afforded me. I am sorry that ****** was such a rotten outfit-I have purchased about ten copies of the game over the years, from the close out bins at Wal Mart to Computer Stores in West Palm and many points in between (I am in Michigan)

"Okay, my download is done--time to unzip it, and become hooked all over again."

-- User, in the USA

From: Wim._____@hazewinkel.nl (_______, Wim)
To: MDJenk@aol.com ('MDJenk@aol.com')

"Dear Mr Jenkins,

"My friend C. V_____ gave me the registered version of WSR 6.7, of which I'm now writing a review for the readership of the newspaper for which I work.

"I think it is an absolutely wonderful game, and I congratulate you!


--"Wim B." [User and newspaper editor in Netherlands]

"thx for the update...i love the game,spend way too much time playing it....my wife hates it :)"

-- AOL User

"Thanks for the great game. I have spent tons of money on all types of games, your game has been the best investment I have ever purchased. I downloaded the first version way back when 1989?. I always come back to play this game and am really happy I registered. Again thank you."

-- John D.

From: patrick_______@hotmail.com (Patrick T________)
To: mdjenk@aol.com

"I'm just taking a few seconds here to tell you how much fun I have playing Wall Street Raider. I've been playing for 5 years now and I just can't stop. My wife keeps asking me why I still play it after all these years and I don't know what to tell her. I tried many other stock market simulation games and none were comparable to WSR."

-- Patrick T___ (User in Longueuil, QC, Canada)

From: ____@exmail.usma.army.mil (T______, Adrian)
To: mdjenk@aol.com

"Did you write a new version of WSR? The game is AWESOME!!! Best simulator I've ever seen!!!"

-- User in U.S. Army

"I have an MBA in finance and have taught economics and finance for about 6 years, and I am really impressed with WSR. It is not only a tremendous teaching tool, but it is a lot of fun as well. I am going to use it for my upcoming corporate finance class."

-- Matthew M., user and professor in Georgia

Subj: Wall $treet Raider - I Need Your Strategy Guide!
Date: 98-01-25 03:07:02 EST
From: _____@email.msn.com (_______)
To: MDJenk@AOL.COM (MDJenk)

"Thanks for the reply! It's very cool to actually talk to you, considering how many hours I've sat around trying to make phony money... I can't get enough of your simulator. I go to bed at 3 am sometimes, 'cause I can't shut it down. After playing for hours, I start to wonder why I'm not in New York gettin' rich, but...I have much to learn.

"I'm writing again to ask you if you still have your Strategy Guide (book) available. I enjoyed one of the readme.doc's you wrote. But I want to learn more....

"Please let me know. Also, I'm interested in purchasing the software that allows a user to add new companies to the game. I'm playing rev 6.3 [MS-DOS version] right now. I actually work for a struggling publicly traded company, and I would like to save my own job by becoming the CEO.

"By the way, I've searched and downloaded other stock market titles, and there is NO software on the market right now that can touch your simulator."


-- Paul G. (Financial analyst with publicly-traded company in Australia)

Subj: stock market game
Date: 98-02-14 18:37:36 EST
From: r_____@students.uiuc.edu (robert _____)
To: mdjenk@aol.com

"Dear Sir,

"I am a Finance major at the University of Illinois and I LOVE your simulation! It is wonderful! I tried to download it, but the site www.atonce.com/2209all.htm does not work. Please tell me where I can download this terrific program!!

"Sincerely impressed,
"Robert M_____"
U of I

Subj: request
Date: 98-02-24 04:10:22 EST
From: Victor._______@nd.edu (Victor A. _______)
To: mdjenk@AOL.COM

"Mr. Jenkins,

"First, let me congratulate you for such a wonderful game (WSR). I can't stop playing it. I've never been so hooked up with a game. It has actually helped me in my MBA studies as a powerful tool to test what I've learned.


"Thank you very much for developing the greatest game I've ever played in my life.


"Victor A. T________"
MBA Candidate, May 1998
University of Notre Dame

Subj: Wall Street Raider
Date: 98-02-25 13:12:43 EST
From: Marshall.S_____@fmr.com (S_____, Marshall)
To: mdjenk@aol.com ('mdjenk@aol.com')

"I just wanted to drop you a line about this game. I started playing Wall Street Raider in college around 1989. Call me a nerd but me and my fellow finance buddies became addicted to this game. I would take the 5.25 disk with me on my internships and play during office hours and after hours, getting very little work done. Sometime between leaving college in Tallahassee, Florida and moving to work in Boston I lost those disks and have not been the same since. Since then I have been passively looking for Wall Street Raider but could not find it.

"Until a few months ago when I was looking for the application on shareware.com. I immediately downloaded that application and tested it out. Sure enough it was "THE" Wall Street Raider. I spent the next few hours trying to purchase the application via the Internet and finally got the registered version.

"Being a Business Analyst working with software developers I can appreciate the work you have put into making this the wonderful application that it is. I just wanted to let you know that I think this game is great. THANKS!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!"

-- Marshall S_____ (Business Analyst)

From: R______
To: MDJenk


"I am an Accounting student. ...

"Your program is a tremendous hit. Believe it or not, it has helped me to better understand the more practical side of my studies. As a result, I am learning a great deal about me chosen field.


"Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can continue use of this great sim."

-- W$R user (accounting student)

Subj: Re: W$R
Date: 01/12/98
From: t______@nameless.com
To: mdjenk

"Hello, I love the game. I have the registered 6.3 game. I have been playing WSR since 1995 and just can't get enough of the game. I just wanted to know if there is a newer version on the horizon...."

Subj: Wall Street Raider
Date: 98-05-04 15:31:07 EDT
From: paul._______@virgin.net (Paul _______)

To: mdjenk@aol.com


"I am writing firstly to thank you for taking the time to write Wall Street Raider, which I have found not only highly entertaining but educational. I am in my final year at high school in the UK and am studying capital markets and portfolio theory for my Management Higher. Having amazed my teachers with buzz words like junk bonds and white knights, I managed to get an A grade in my premlinary marks and hope to repeat my success this summer in the final exams, after which I hope to go on and study Financial Management at the London School of Economics."

-- High school student in the U.K.

"I bought the full version and strategy guide last week and I just want to tell you, that this is really a great game and very enjoyable to play. (Cost me a few nights of sleep too :-)

"I wish you the best of luck in developing the windows version."

-- Leon _______ (User in South Africa)

Date: 07/14/2001 2:07:20 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: _____@netscape.net
To: MDJenk@aol.com

"ha i got it figured out. yep it's the same game i played around 8-10 years ago. i love it then, i love it now. i bought a share version from wal-mart. then about 5 years later my ex-wive trash it. thats why she is an ex wive now. anyway i am ordering the good version.

"thanks man."

From: m______@hotmail.com (Matt ________)
To: MDJenk@aol.com


"Any further details on an update to this fantastic program? Its definitely the best piece of software I own.

"Well done and thanks for such good work."

-- Matt ____ (location unknown)


To see online reviews of Wall Street Raider, check out Download.cnet.com, the largest shareware site on the Internet.

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