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ABOUT THE COMPANY. Ronin Software publishes useful, timely, and authoritative business information with a tax, legal and financial emphasis. We author and publish software programs with business-oriented content, as well as authoring (by Michael D. Jenkins) a million-selling series of small business self-help books for each of the 50 states, which were published by Oasis Press until 1998, and republished in 1999 as a single book with state tax and legal information for all 50 states and D.C. chapter on CD-ROM, entitled Starting and Operating a Business in the U.S., through Running 'R' Media Group. The print versions of the books have long since been out of print, but we have fully updated and revised the entire series constantly since July, 2005, in e-book and software formats, published under the Ronin Software imprint. We began publishing all of the e-books as Kindle books in 2011 (all are now in updated 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021 updated editions).

However, due to diminishing sales on Amazon, and the fact that we (the author) were 77 years old and finding it too onerous to put in the tremendous number of hours of research and writing required to keep up with the ever-changing federal laws and the tax and business laws of 32 states and District of Columbia, we stopped updating the series, effective since March, 2020, although they remain available for purchase on Amazon.

We also publish the highly sophisticated (and addictive) stock market and corporate financial simulations called Wall Street Raider and Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation. We began publishing the Wall Street Raider program (through our former book publisher, Oasis Press/PSI Research) way back in 1986, and have continued to develop and enhance it ever since, as a Windows program in recent years. It has become somewhat of a "cult favorite" over the years, with registered (paid) users in 107 countries, ranging from Greenland to Paraguay to Angola to the Sultanate of Brunei to Malta. Version 9.50 of Wall Street Raider was released in January, 2022.

"Speculator" is a recent (2016) spin-off from Wall Street Raider, and is focused on trading any of up to 1500+ stocks, or bonds (including convertibles), options, or commodity futures, as a small or "middle-class" investor with only $100,000 to start with -- unlike Raider, in which you start off rich, with up to a billion dollars, and use that wealth to take over and manage companies (and try to increase their stock price), building your corporate empire like a Carl Icahn or Warren Buffett. Speculator 3.0 was released in October, 2021.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR.  The author of Wall Street Raider and Small Business Advisor is Michael Jenkins, is a graduate of Louisiana State University, who earmed a bachelor's (B.A.) degree in Government, and received his doctorate (J.D.) at the Harvard Law School in 1969. His background includes several years practicing as an economics and financial consultant in D.C. and L.A. with Economics Research Associates, a national consulting firm; then as a CPA in Los Angeles and Newport Beach with Peat, Marwick and Mitchell (now "KPMG") and later as a senior tax attorney in San Francisco with the large law firm of Cooley, Godward, Castro, Huddleson and Tatum (now the "Cooley" firm of some 800 lawyers). He went on to become a tax partner for several years in the large Bay Area CPA firm of Kimbell, McKenna and von Kaschnitz, in Alameda, California, prior to briefly practicing solo as an attorney/CPA in his own firm in Oakland, California.

Along the way, he published his first book, Starting and Operating a Business in California, during a sabbatical in 1980, initially just as an adjunct to his law practice, but when the California book and similar editions for Texas and Florida became highly successful, he worked in partnership with the CPA firm of Ernst & Young to develop similar book editions for each of the 50 states and D.C., which in the aggregate sold over 1.2 million copies in the 1980s and 1990s, as noted above.

In 2010, Mr. Jenkins retired from formal membership in the California Bar, after ceasing active CPA practice several years earlier. He has continued to keep the book series up to date in Kindle ebook format until March, 2020, when he ceased updating the ebook series. He also develops and publishes three business software programs, Small Business Advisor (legal, tax), Wall Street Raider (a corporate financial game and stock market simulation), and Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation (a stock, bonds, options and futures trading game). However, he has ceased selling the Small Business Advisor software since the 2nd quarter of 2020, and now offers that program free of charge as a way of giving back to the small business community. Earlier editions of the Small Business Advisor were licensed to and used by every Small Business Administrtion office and SCORE chapter in the United States for several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when it was a DOS program.

An incorrigible bachelor, Mr. Jenkins now resides in a scenic area of Southern Utah, near Zion and Bryce Canyons and has engaged regularly in adrenalin-secreting, slightly insane activities such as sea kayaking, white-water rafting, mountain biking and the occasional parachute jump or paragliding misadventure, for relaxation, terror, and inspiration. However, he has drawn the line and refuses to engage in certain riskier activities, such as base-jumping, alligator wrestling, or slandering the Koran.

(Oh -- In case you're wondering about our company name, "Ronin", it's an old Japanese term used to describe feudal Samurai warriors whose masters had been killed, and who thus became renegades or mercenaries. We thought the name aptly described our company, when we began self-publishing our software as shareware back in 1991. Not that we are that mercenary, of course....)

Ronin Software relocated in 1998 to the beautiful red rock canyon country of Southern Utah. ("Utah -- It's a great place to hide out.")

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