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The "Small Business Advisor" Windows ® software editions for each of 32 states and D.C. are currently available free of charge, as of August 15, 2020. (Before that date, the program was sold at a price of $99.00 for the Professional Version that includes the text and other information for all 33 state editions). Due to the enormous amount of time and energy required to keep the federal and 33 states' laws and taxes updated, the author, at age 76, has decided to stop updating and publishing the "Starting and Operating a Business in ...(state)" book series, which is also fully included in the Small Business Advisor software.

Thus ends 40 years of publishing this series since 1980, for all 50 states and D.C. until 2013, and 32 states and D.C. since 2013, and after sales of over 1.2 million copies of the series in its print editions from 1980 through 2002, plus modest sales of the Kindle e-book version of the series since 2011.

Making the Small Business Advisor a free program (for Windows) will provide a goldmine of state and federal tax and legal guidance, plus advice on a wide range of other issues important to small businesses, such as accounting, site selection, estate planning, and many other subjects. While the book series and the Small Business Advisor software will no longer be updated after 2020, most of the wealth of information will continue to be relevant for near future.

Each state edition includes the full text (approximately 500 pages) of our "Starting and Operating a Business" e-book for that state, in HTML (hypertext) format, read with your browser. The software fully customizes the book and the included extensive checklists it assembles for your business, after asking you 15 to 20 questions about your particular business. In effect, it creates an entire customized book for your specific business.

The state information for each of the 33 editions has been fully updated for each such state in 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021. The state information for Arizona, Florida, and South Dakota was fully updated in 2021. The federal content has been fully updated for 2022 tax rates and all inflation-adjusted amounts in the tax code, such as pension plan and IRA limitations, but most other federal tax and business law information has not been updated since 2020.

The federal tax and other legal and regulatory information in each of the 33 Small Business Advisor software editions has been updated for all of the following:

  • The Corporate Transparency Act of 2021 (CTA), a new federal law that requires most small businesses (except sole proprietorships and -- possibly -- general partnerships) to file reports that identify the main owners or persons who directly or indirectly control every small business, beginning in 2022. Larger businesses are exempted from the CTA reporting requirements. There are very serious penalties for failure to file or filing false reports.

  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which left almost no stone unturned in the federal Internal Revenue Code, changing hundreds of sections of the tax law, including such major changes as reduction of the corporate tax rate to 21% and providing a deduction for up to 20% of the profits earned by an individual as owner or part-owner of an unincorporated business or S corporation.

  • The 21st Century Cures Act of Congress, which, beginning in 2017, allows small employers that do not have to (and do not choose to) provide full health care insurance plans for employees to instead establish QSEHRA plans (medical reimbursement plans) to provide some limited medical benefits to their workers. Previously, under ObamaCare, there were massive tax penalties that made it impossible for employers to continue to have or to start limited medical reimbursement plans that were not full-fledged ObamaCare health plans.

  • The SECURE Act of 2019, signed into law on December 19, 2019, which repealed certain ObamaCare taxes and made changes (mostly beneficial) in the tax rules regarding Individual Retirement Accounts, as well as improving certain fringe benefits and hiring incentives.

  • Portions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) of 2020, in which Congress corrected a major glitch in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which we had pointed out in prior Small Business Advisor editions, regarding bonus depreciation of retail real estate.

  • Recent legislation regarding the R & D tax credit that, beginning in 2016, has now been made much more available and usable by small and startup businesses, since the credits can now be used to offset payroll tax liability, when the company has little or no taxable income or income tax liability against which the credit can be applied.

    SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR is (or was) a gold mine of useful, and authoritative business, tax and legal information and customized advice for your small or startup business, but is no longer being sold or updated. Created by Michael D. Jenkins, a (now retired) Harvard lawyer/CPA, in 2005, and updated regularly until August, 2020, the software creates and assembles a customized copy of the long time best-selling business self-help book, "Starting and Operating a Business in California" (or New York, Texas, etc., depending on which version you configure it for) for any of 32 states or D.C. And it does so in a matter of seconds, on your computer (as HTML hyper-text files, readable with your default browser). At any time, you can instantly switch to another state edition, and all of the data for your business is carried over and analyzed in light of the laws and taxes of the newly selected state edition. The software is now offered free of charge.

    To download the Small Business Advisor software, CLICK HERE.

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