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Ronin Software is pleased to announce, as of January 1, 2022, the latest release of our software game program, "Wall Street Raider," for Windows (Version 9.50). (From $21.95) Major new features in this upgrade include the addition of a new asset investment class, cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, plus futures trading on each of these wildly fluctuating speculations. Among many other new features, Version 9.50 builds in inflation to asset prices of gold, silver, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Wall Street Raider, now played by registered purchasers in over 110 countries and all 50 U.S. states, is a highly realistic simulation of the stock market and global economy, in which each player begins with up to $1 billion and competes against up to four other human or computer players in buying, selling and shorting stocks, trading government bonds, corporate bonds (including convertible bonds), put and call options, and commodity and stock index futures, and entering into interest rate swap derivatives contracts (which are basically bets on the direction of various interest rates) with brokers or financial institutions as the counter-party. The simulation consists of up to five players and up to 1,590 corporations in 70 industry groups, which includes 15 Exchange-Traded Funds ("ETFs") that invest in stocks and in other investments such as options or commodities.

Players can also buy up control of one or more companies and manage them, attempting to increase each company's stock price by various means, including a full range of realistic corporate financial transactions, such as mergers, liquidations, spin-offs, LBOs, stock and bond offerings, etc.. Highly successful players have the potential to sometimes gain control of several hundred companies, in building their financial empire.

The object of the game is to parlay your already large initial $1 billion stake into a massive corporate empire, increasing your net worth to more than that of any of the other players, whether they are human players or computer players.

All action in this fun and educational game occurs in a simulated "live" economy and stock market, using a simulated online discount brokerage account. Play is punctuated at times by financial booms or shocks, technology or marketing breakthroughs (or breakdowns) at individual companies, and major political or economic events, with constantly scrolling stock and news headline tickers providing a massive flow of investment information.

The investment environment constantly changes as players do their investment research and trading, using the wide range of research tools provided, while seeking out profitable investments in the turbulent and very realistic financial financial markets and economic model created by the simulation. No two games are ever the same.

Developed by author Michael D. Jenkins, a Harvard-trained lawyer, CPA, and lifelong investor in stocks, bonds and options, Raider is a highly addictive, realistic stock trading game that is designed to teach players about investing as well as to entertain, and no two games are ever the same. Because of its realism, Wall Street Raider is one of very few software games that has actually led numerous long-time players into important careers as investment counselors, hedge fund managers, mutual fund operators, and floor traders on stock exchanges and options exchanges. See comments and testimonials from numerous individuals whose lives have been positively affected by what they learned from playing this simulation.

Wall Street Raider is offered for sale by Ronin Software at $21.95 for the full (registered) version, and Windows users may download the free "try-before-you-buy" shareware version that is limited by game length -- 2 game years instead of 35 years of play -- and by some stock charts and options trading not being available at all times.

Home school teachers or administrators will be granted free site licenses for their classes, upon request, after contacting the author.

More information is available at:

www.roninsoft.com/wsraider.htm. See below to order or to download the free trial version.

(CAUTION: "Wall Street Raider" is highly addictive, and may be hard on your nerves as you anxiously await the next upcoming quarterly earnings release that will affect the biggest stock holding or short position in your portfolio!)


Order here:     www.roninsoft.com/orderwsr.htm

To purchase Wall Street Raider (downloadable setup file), click on the above link for ordering options and prices. The software can be ordered with or without the roughly 300-page Strategy Manual. (The Strategy Manual is an HTML file, viewable with your browser. No printed version is available.)

To download the free (limited game length) "shareware version, CLICK HERE.

Copyright © 2022 Michael D. Jenkins, Esq. and Ronin Software