NOTE REGARDING DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE FREE ("SHAREWARE") VERSION AND THE REGISTERED VERSION OF SPECULATOR: The Registered Version of Speculator differs from the shareware version you may have been playing up until now in several ways:

The Registered Version:

  • Allows you to play games of up to 30 years in length, while the shareware version limits game play to a maximum length of 3 years. (With games of 30 years, it is much more likely that you will be able to increase your initial $100,000 portfolio value enough to qualify for margin trading, short selling, options trading, and futures trading.)

  • Provides stock charts on all stocks, while stock charts are only enabled intermittently on most stocks in the shareware version. (However, other charts, for commodities, interest rates, GDP growth rates, and the Global 1000 Stock Index ARE enabled in both the shareware version and Registered Version.)

  • Utilizes real company names, unlike the shareware version (which uses made up names and stock symbols).

  • Includes a "Customizer" utility program that lets you permanently change the names, stock symbols, and nation of incorporation for any of the 1590 companies and ETFs in the simulation.

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Last modified: April 15, 2024