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From time to time, various Wall Street Raider fans have set up forums or blogs for players of W$R to swap stories, exchange ideas and game strategies, and check for developments relating to W$R.

The current forum, opened in 2015, is at: WSRUNITED.freeforums.org, and is provided courtesy of Erick Gragg....


Check this page from time to time for links to the above or any other W$R forums or blogs.

Any new releases of Wall Street Raider, such as for iPad/iPhone/Mac, should they become available, will also be announced on this page.

A FREE BUG FIX (v. 7.72 for the 7.70 and 7.71 bugs) is available. Please e-mail me, with your name and/or registration number, for a download link, at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. The same bugs were also fixed in the Shareware Version, which shareware users can download at: www.roninsoft.com/setupshr.exe.

CURRENT RELEASE: On September 15, 2015, v. 7.80 was released, probably the final significant upgrade, as we are about at the end of development of W$R, due to health problems (somewhat under control now), dwindling sales, and having run out of good ideas for any major new features. In this release, many of the changes were designed to accommodate those players who are able to achieve net worths of quadrillions of $$ or even a quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) or more. Even though W$R deals in millions (or billions for some currencies), the numbers for some players, even without the last 6 or 9 digits, were causing problems when they got up to 11, 12, or even 13 digits that needed to be displayed, and such large values were "busting" some calculations. Because of the lack of realism with numbers of that size, compared to the real world, I felt I needed to also plug a lot of the major loopholes that some users had taken advantage of in order to generate those kinds of colossal wealth numbers, much of which came from manipulating the stock index upward and taking 100% control of most or all industries. (I'm sure some users will still find loopholes, but maybe not quite such large ones now.)

Click HERE for details on some of the new features in 7.80 (other than the loophole plugging).

Versions 7.81 and 7.82 were released recently, with some slight modifications from v. 7.80. In 7.81 and 7.82, companies that are on "autopilot" will no longer engage in commodity hedging, since some players noticed some "bad trades" that their companies on autopilot were making (like buying silver at $34), or were closing hedges at inopportune price levels. (.81 or 7.82 are free "upgrades" for anyone who bought 7.80, unless you prefer letting your "autopilot" companies engage in futures hedging. (With 7.80, you can always turn off "autopilot" for an individual company, to prevent it from initiating hedge positions, so you may prefer to stick with 7.80, instead of the "upgrade.")

Version 7.82 further tightens the algorithm for selecting counterparties for your options trades, to reduce the number of your counterparties that go bankrupt after they sell you call options on a stock you are about to manipulate upwards by several hundred percent. The latter change will slow down some players' marches to quintillionaire or quadrillionaire status, by making it harder to find counterparties for your gazillion dollar options trades, so if you don't want the additional challenges, you may prefer 7.81 to 7.82. Most other players will never notice the difference from 7.81.

NEW STOCK TRADING GAME: I've finally put the finishing touches on Speculator: The Stock Market Simulation, a "spin-off" from Wall Street Raider that has been a parallel project for a long time, that I never seemed to get around to finishing. In Speculator, you are not a billionaire tycoon who can influence or manipulate stock prices, but just a small, middle-class investor with a $100,000 inheritance to invest or speculate with. Rather than having an emphasis on taking over and managing companies, this is a "pure" trading game (which doesn't let you take over companies). It will that test your ability to research companies and profitably trade or invest in them. You may find it a lot more challenging than Wall Street Raider, as you have to be a nimble trader in stocks, bonds (including convertibles), options and futures. Besides which, we have made trading stocks or futures considerably more treacherous and difficult.

For details, or to try out the free (shareware) version, CLICK HERE. The shareware version (1.05) now has short sales, options trading and futures trading enabled (but you have to make some very good stock and bond trades in only 3 years in the shareware version to become eligible for the more advanced trading levels -- vs. 30 years to do so in the Registered Version).

W$R YOUTUBE VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE. An ardent fan of Wall Street Raider has recently been posting very detailed videos on a new YouTube channel, RakeM, showing users how to play (and win at!) Wall Street Raider, using versions 7.60 and 7.8x. These are very well done, and Rakem (Mark Slatcher) has now completed posting all 55 episodes for 7.60, in which he played a game from start to finish (or to absurdity, with quintillions in net worth), showing how to maximize the use of various features. He is a very accomplished player, and found ingenious ways to generate unbelievable levels of net worth. The creativity of some W$R players is truly remarkable. (But be aware, that thanks to his discovery of some massive "loopholes," many of the tactics he shows in v. 7.60 and 7.7x are now either not possible or have been significantly restricted in 7.8x.)

Here is the link to Rakem's newer series on 7.8x, which links to all of his other W$R videos: Wall $treet Raider YouTube VIDEOS

Rakem has also recently (Feb. 9, 2016) begun a (free) video tutorial. on YouTube. The tutorial series will go through every feature of the simulation, showing how each works. It is not about strategies, unlike his video series mentioned above.

NOTE FOR NEW PLAYERS -- RONINSOFT.COM TUTORIAL: A (free) step-by-step online tutorial for getting started playing Wall Street Raider, at: www.roninsoft.com/tutorial.htm. (The current release links from the W$R "Game Options" menu of W$R directly to the RoninSoft.com tutorial.) This is a VERY basic tutorial for new players, like how to buy or sell a stock, and so it may not be of much interest to experienced W$R "junkies."

ONE LAST NOTE: I thought v. 7.7x would be the final release of W$R, but despite major health problems, and partly because of them (being unable to do much of anything any more except sit in front of a computer or TV), I was able to add a few more touches to the program, in 7.80/7.83, and also fix a number of bugs and weaknesses in the simulation that Rakem uncovered in the video series, which I felt had to be corrected.

After publishing Wall Street Raider continuously since 1986, I suppose all good things must come to an end, eventually, and its time is about up. W$R has been around longer than any other software program I can think of, but technology marches on, and I lack the programming skills (and resources) to create an online multiplayer version or a more up-to-date interface, or Apple "app." My only regret is that I haven't yet been able to find a new publisher that was able to "modernize" the program and get it to work correctly, to carry on its development (and market it) for other platforms, like iOS and Android-based devices. Software firms that have attempted to "port" it up till now, even as simplified "dumbed-down" versions, have all failed to create a version that worked, and have given up or run out of funding.

After my continuously tweaking this program to massage every number in it since I began work on W$R in 1984, it has gotten ridiculously complex, and it is a minor miracle that it works at all. (However, I have been talking to two software firms recently that have approached me about doing either an enhanced, modernized Windows version or an iOS version, so we will see if that works out.... However, don't hold your breath. We've tried that route before!)

-- Michael Jenkins, May 16, 2016

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