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From time to time, various Wall Street Raider fans have set up forums or blogs for players of W$R to swap stories, exchange ideas and game strategies, and check for developments relating to W$R.

The current forum, opened in 2015, is at: WSRUNITED.freeforums.org, and is provided courtesy of Erick Gragg....


Check this page from time to time for links to the above or any other W$R forums or blogs.

Any new releases of Wall Street Raider or Speculator are announced on this page.

CURRENT RELEASE: VERSION 8.10, released March 15, 2018

On September 15, 2015, v. 7.80 was released, which we expected would be the final significant upgrade, as we are about at the end of development of W$R, due to health problems (somewhat under control now), dwindling sales, and (mainly) having run out of good ideas for any major new features, after only 32 years of development (the first MS-DOS version was published in 1986).

However, while laid up for long periods since the 7.80 release, and unable to do much of anything but sit at the computer and continue to tinker with Wall Street Raider, we've put in somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 hours working on what probably WILL be the final major version, 8.0, which is designed to make it much more realistic and therefore more difficult for players to quickly finagle their way into the quadrillions or quintillions of net worth. The 8.x versions crack down on a large number of "loopholes" in the program, like the ability to buy futures on, for instance, a thousand times the actual world supply or annual production of a commodity. (However, I'm sure some users will still find loopholes, but maybe not quite such large ones now.)

Version 8.0 and upgrades (to 8.10 now) also include convertible bonds, a feature we had long wanted to implement, but always felt would be impossibly complex and difficult to build in, particularly when it came to doing complex transactions like mergers, liquidations, and spin-offs. We had built convertibles into our other game, Speculator, but simply limited such complex corporate transactions where convertibles were involved in Speculator, to avoid the thorny problems, since players in Speculator don't control companies and thus can't force such transactions to occur.

However, after many long nights and much hair-pulling, we finally were able to implement convertible bonds in Raider, a fun new tool for investing and after much testing and tweaking, we eventually got the convertible bond prices to behave in a manner that is almost indistinguishable from the price behavior of real-world convertible bonds, which seemed like an almost impossible task when we started. Players will find convertibles are not only interesting, lower-risk investments, but can also be issued at much lower interest rates than a company would have to pay on "straight" bonds or bank loans, and thus can be a good financing alternative for companies you control.

Another new feature, suggested by a user, was to add stock price alerts, so you will be notified when a stock you are interested in buying or selling rises above or falls below a price per share that you specify. Thinking back over past years, here is a partial list of features we have added at the request of players:

  • Put and call options trading.
  • Executive stock options and performance bonuses for CEOs.
  • Commodity futures trading.
  • Ability to invest in and store physical commodities.
  • Stock index futures.
  • Interest rate swaps (derivatives).
  • Stock price alerts, as noted above.
  • Automatic "sweeping" of cash balances to pay down a player's margin debt.
  • A system where players or companies can put stocks or assets up for sale, or view a list of stocks or assets being offered for sale (cheap) by other players or entities.
  • Advice ("from your lawyers") as to whether or not you should agree to settle or go to trial when antitrust suits are brought against your companies.
  • An "autopilot" system where you can turn most of the management of your controlled companies over to the simulation, when you control too many companies to properly manage them all yourself.
  • Cheats that involve being able to trade on "insider" information.
Obviously, we have had a wealth of good ideas contributed by users, including quite a few that we simply didn't want to take on, like building in rental real estate empire building and role-playing features. We have tried to keep the focus in W$R on stocks, bonds, and other derivative investments, and not wander too far afield, like getting into Dungeons & Dragons....

Click HERE for more details on new features in Versions 8.0 to 8.10.

NEW STOCK TRADING GAME: I've finally put the finishing touches on Speculator: The Stock Market Simulation, a "spin-off" from Wall Street Raider that has been a parallel project for a long time, that I never seemed to get around to finishing. In Speculator, you are not a billionaire tycoon who can influence or manipulate stock prices, but just a small, middle-class investor with a $100,000 inheritance to invest or speculate with. Rather than having an emphasis on taking over and managing companies, this is a "pure" trading game (which doesn't let you take over companies). It will that test your ability to research companies and profitably trade or invest in them. You may find it a lot more challenging than Wall Street Raider, as you have to be a nimble trader in stocks, bonds (including convertibles), options and futures. Besides which, we have made trading stocks or futures considerably more treacherous and difficult.

For details, or to try out the free (shareware) version, CLICK HERE. The shareware version (1.15) now has short sales, options trading and futures trading enabled (but you have to make some very good stock and bond trades in only 3 years in the shareware version to become eligible for the more advanced trading levels -- vs. 30 years to do so in the Registered Version).

W$R YOUTUBE VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE. An ardent fan of Wall Street Raider has recently been posting very detailed videos on a new YouTube channel, RakeM, showing users how to play (and win at!) Wall Street Raider, using versions 7.60 and 7.8x (and probably v. 8.0 soon). These are very well done, and Rakem (Mark Slatcher) has now completed posting all 55 episodes for 7.60, in which he played a game from start to finish (or to absurdity, with quintillions in net worth), showing how to maximize the use of various features and clever strategies. He is a very accomplished player, and found ingenious ways to generate unbelievable levels of net worth. The creativity of some W$R players is truly remarkable. (But be aware, that thanks to his discovery of some massive "loopholes," many of the tactics he shows in v. 7.60 through 7.8x are now either not possible or have been significantly restricted in 8.0.)

Here is the link to Rakem's newer series on 7.8x, which links to all of his other W$R videos: Wall $treet Raider YouTube VIDEOS

Rakem has also begun a (free) video tutorial. on YouTube. The tutorial series will go through every feature of the simulation, showing how each works. It is not about strategies, unlike his video series mentioned above.

NOTE FOR NEW PLAYERS -- RONINSOFT.COM TUTORIAL: A (free) step-by-step online tutorial for getting started playing Wall Street Raider, at: www.roninsoft.com/tutorial.htm. (The current release links from the W$R "Game Options" menu of W$R directly to the RoninSoft.com tutorial.) This is a VERY basic tutorial for new players, like how to buy or sell a stock, and so it may not be of much interest to experienced W$R "junkies."

ONE LAST NOTE: I still hope to find a new publisher that would have the resources to be able to "modernize" the program and still keep it working correctly, to carry on its development (and market it) for other platforms, like iOS and Android-based devices. Software firms that have attempted to "port" it up till now, even as simplified "dumbed-down" versions, have all failed to create a version that worked, and have given up or run out of funding.

After my continuously tweaking this program to massage every number in it since I began work on W$R in 1984, it has gotten ridiculously complex, and it is a minor miracle that it works at all. So I am not too optimistic about the possibility of finding a well-funded publisher to take it over, particularly since it is the extreme example of a "niche" program that only appeals to a small slice of the population -- generally, those of you with high I.Q.s. :-)

I'm 73 now, so I will not be around indefinitely, but will keep this website going and continue to provide free replacements for at least the next few years (hopefully). To all those of you who have supported Raider's development with your good ideas and by buying the upgrades over the years (15 times or more for some of you), many, many thanks for your support! I never made much money publishing Raider, but I have had a great deal of enjoyment out of the intellectual challenge of matching wits with users, in my (vain) attempts to plug every loophole! (Sad to say, you guys have always found NEW loopholes....)

-- Michael Jenkins, March 15, 2018

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