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Welcome to the update information page for The Small Business Advisor (for Windows versions from Win 98 through Win 7) and the Starting and Operating a Business in ... (state) accompanying books, which were re-released, (in electronic format only) several years ago. The 17 "national" chapters of the book are all updated, on a rotating basis, every 12 months, so that no part of the book ever goes more than 12 months without being updated. 1 to 3 chapters are revised and updated each month, according to the following annual schedule:

  • Chapter 1 (Deciding to Go into Business) -- January
  • Chapter 2 (Choosing the Legal Form of the Business) -- January
  • Chapter 3 (Buying an Existing Business) -- February
  • Chapter 4 (Selecting the Right Location) -- February
  • Chapter 5 (A Trip Through the Red Tape Jungle: Requirements that Apply To Nearly All New Businesses) -- March
  • Chapter 6 (The Thicket Thickens: Additional Requirements for Businesses with Employees) -- April
  • Chapter 7 (Environmental Laws Affecting Your Business) -- May
  • Chapter 8 (Miscellaneous Legal and Regulatory Issues) -- June
  • Chapter 9 (Accounting) -- July
  • Chapter 10 (Employee Fringe Benefits and Stock Options) -- August
  • Chapter 11 (Business Expense Tax Deductions and Tax Credits) -- September
  • Chapter 12 (Additional Tax Savings Strategies) -- October
  • Chapter 13 (Excise Taxes, and Estate Planning and Your Business: The Basics) -- November
  • Chapter 14 (State and Federal Sources of Help and Information) -- December
  • Appendix A (Business Startup Checklist) -- Updated every month, for any federal or state law changes noted in that month's new editions of the series
  • Appendix C (Commonly Used Tax and Other Forms) -- December

Immediate (interim) updating of all affected portions of the books is also done after any major federal tax legislation is enacted, as soon as details become available, as for example:

  • In October, 2015, updated for the federal tax provisions that were added to the Surface Transportation and Veterans Choice Improvements Act of 2015, which has changed the long-standing (nearly a century) filing due dates for both C corporation and partnership tax returns.
  • In January, 2016, updated throughout for the sweeping tax changes in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016.
  • In May, 2016, updated for the major changes in the overtime pay regulations, adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor, which will require employers to pay time-and-a-half for overtime hours worked by many white-collar salaried employees earning up to nearly $50,000. Employers were given a few months to update their payroll systems, before these regulations were to go into effect in December, 2016. (A 2017 lower court decision has invalidated the regulations, which may never go into effect.)
  • In February, 2017, updated for the 21st Century Cures Act of Congress, which, beginning in 2017, allows small employers that do not have to (and do not choose to) provide full health care insurance plans for employees to instead establish QSEHRA plans (medical reimbursement plans) to provide some limited medical benefits to their workers. Previously, under ObamaCare, there were massive tax penalties that made it impossible for employers to continue to have or to start limited medical reimbursement plans.
  • In May, 2017, updated with additional material on the R & D tax credit, which has now been made much more available and usable by small and startup businesses, since the credits can now be used to offset payroll tax liability, when the company has little or no taxable income or income tax liability against which the credit can be applied.
  • In October, 2017, updated for inflation-adjusted federal income tax rates and various IRA and pension plan limitations that go into effect in 2017 and 2018 as well as all tax code annual inflation adjustments and tax brackets for 2017 and 2018, standard mileage allowance, etc. (However, 2018 tax brackets and some other 2018 items have been superseded by the enactment of the massive tax reform, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, in December, 2017.)

State information in the series is updated on a different schedule, but each state chapter is also revised in full once each 12 to 24 months.

Dates of recent complete updates/revisions of the state information for the various state editions are listed below:

  • Updated and revised in November, 2017: North Carolina and Wyoming editions;
  • Updated and revised in October, 2017: New Jersey, New York, and New Mexico editions;
  • Updated and revised in September, 2017: Texas, Michigan, Nevada, and Hawaii editions;
  • Updated and revised in August, 2017: Delaware, Florida, and Washington editions;
  • Updated and revised in July, 2017: California edition;
  • Updated and revised in June, 2017: Colorado edition;
  • Updated and revised in May, 2017: Arizona edition;
  • Updated and revised in March, 2017: Alabama edition;
  • Updated and revised in January, 2017: Georgia edition;
  • Updated and revised in December, 2016: Pennsylvania and Vermont editions;
  • Updated and revised in November, 2016: Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Nebraska editions;
  • Updated and revised in September, 2016: South Carolina edition;
  • Updated and revised in August, 2016: District of Columbia edition;
  • Updated and revised in July, 2016: New Hampshire, South Dakota, and North Dakota editions;
  • Updated and revised in April, 2016: Connecticut, Maine, and Missouri editions;
  • Updated and revised in March, 2016: Alaska, Arkansas, and West Virginia editions.

  • Last updated and revised in September, 2013: Rhode Island* and Utah* editions;
  • Last updated and last revised in August, 2013: Illinois,* Indiana,* Iowa,* Kentucky,* Kansas,* Louisiana,* and Maryland* editions;
  • Last updated and revised in July, 2013: Idaho* edition;
  • Last updated and revised in June, 2013: Ohio,* Tennessee,* Oklahoma,* Virginia,* and Wisconsin* editions;
  • Last updated and revised in May, 2013: Mississippi,* Montana,* and Oregon* editions.
(* Editions that are no longer available for Kindle and are no longer being updated in our Small Business Advisor software/ebook package)

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