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Ronin Software is pleased to announce the release of the latest upgrade release of our Windows software game program, "Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation" (Version 1.20). ($19.95) CLICK HERE for a summary of recent improvements and additions to the program.

Speculator is a highly realistic simulation of the stock market and economy, in which each player begins with a modest inheritance of $100,000 and competes against up to nine other human or computer players in buying, selling and shorting stocks, trading government bonds, corporate bonds (including convertible bonds), put and call options, and commodity and stock index futures. The object of the game is to parlay that $100,000 inheritance into a comfortable retirement fund after 30 years of play. Players can "play it safe" and stick with conservative investment strategies, or can take bigger risks to perhaps make a killing -- or perhaps have their brokerage account closed if it falls below $10,000, or even go bankrupt if unable to meet a margin call!

All action in this fun and educational game occurs in a simulated "live" economy and stock market, using a simulated online discount brokerage account. Play is punctuated at times by financial booms or shocks, technology or marketing breakthroughs (or breakdowns) at individual companies, and major political or economic events, with constantly scrolling stock and news headline tickers providing a massive flow of investment information.

The investment environment constantly changes as players do their investment research and trading, using the wide range of research tools provided, while seeking out profitable investments in the turbulent and very realistic financial financial markets and economic model created by the simulation. No two games are ever the same.

While players start with $100,000 U.S. dollars (or the equivalent in any of 18 other currency choices), and may do as much trading as they wish of stocks and bonds in a cash account, they must invest their money successfully in the initial stages of each game to qualify for the the right to:

  • Open a margin account with their fictional stockbroker (such as McSwindle, Churn & Tout), by growing their portfolio to $200,000;
  • Engage in short selling, if their account grows to $300,000;
  • Trade put and call options on any of the 1,000+ stocks in the simulation if their account grows to $400,000; and
  • Open a commodity account and trade extremely risky commodity futures and Stock Index futures, once their account net worth reaches $500,000.

The small, deceptively simple-looking main screen of Speculator is like a small "black box" that masks a vastly intricate interior, which creates a complete and highly realistic trading experience in great detail, with nothing left out but the phone calls from your broker with his or her latest "hot" stock. Players will quickly find that Speculator compares to other trading simulators like chess compares to checkers....

Developed by author Michael D. Jenkins, a Harvard-trained lawyer, CPA, and lifelong investor in stocks, bonds and options, Speculator is a highly addictive, realistic stock trading game that is designed to teach players about investing as well as to entertain. Experienced investors will note that the software's sophisticated proprietary algorithms consistently generate remarkably realistic prices for the stocks, "straight bonds," convertible bonds and options in the simulation, as well as realistic "contango" or "backwardation" in commodity futures pricing. Players say it feels like the real thing, including the constant news feeds and Daily Market Commentary that updates every few seconds.

Players will also see that they can experiment with conservative strategies, like buying convertible bonds that convert into 1,000 shares of stock while shorting 500 shares of the underlying stock, with the possibility of profiting whether the stock goes up or down; or can test option strategies, such as by being long or short straddles or strangles, or creating bull spreads, put (bear) spreads, calendar spreads, partially covered writes, "Condor" spreads, or "Iron Butterfly" options positions, all of which will appeal to the more sophisticated players who aspire to become real-world options traders.

Commodity traders can try to capitalize on "contango" or "backwardation" situations in futures prices, and the simulation also offers occasional opportunities for merger arbitrage when proposed mergers are announced, as well as tempting "cheat" opportunities like receiving inside information (although using the cheats will disqualify you from winning that game or setting a record score). The software includes extensive "Help" files and a glossary that can introduce players to the various complex trading strategies noted above.

Speculator is offered for sale by Ronin Software at $19.95 for the full (registered) version, and Windows users may download the free "try-before-you-buy" shareware version that is only limited by game length -- 3 game years instead of 30 years of play -- and by some stock charts not being available at all times.

More information is available at: www.roninsoft.com/speculator.htm. See below to order or to download the free trial version.

(CAUTION: "Speculator" is highly addictive, and may be hard on your nerves as you anxiously await the next upcoming quarterly earnings release that will affect the biggest stock holding or short position in your portfolio!)


To purchase Speculator (downloadable installation file), go to: www.roninsoft.com/trader/ordersms.htm.

To download the free (limited game length) "shareware version, CLICK HERE.


Wall Street Raider, which has been published and under continuous development since 1986, is the sister (or "big brother") to the Speculator software game. The two programs use the same underlying economic model and financial markets "engine" and pricing algorithms, but that is where the similarity ends. Wall Street Raider is not, per se, a trading game, but is an empire building game, as the players in it start out as billionaire capitalists. Raider's main focus is on building a corporate empire by taking over and managing companies (which is not possible or allowed in Speculator), while using every trick in the book to increase the stock price of the controlled company or companies, as well as dealing in multi-billion dollar options and futures transactions and interest rate derivatives (swaps).

Players in Wall Street Raider try to turn their billion into trillions, using sophisticated financial transactions like mergers, spin-offs, IPOs, LBOs, Greenmail, liquidations, asset-stripping, earnings and stock price manipulation, lucrative CEO cash compensation and executive stock options, and other tactics, some of them shady. By comparison, players in Speculator are small, middle-class investors, trying to trade their way to millionaire status and a comfy retirement, rather than trying to become a corporate baron, the next Carl Icahn or Warren Buffett.

For more information on Wall Street Raider, CLICK HERE.



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