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For product information on the Small Business Advisor software and the included "Starting and Operating a Business in California" electronic book(s) (or any of 32 other state or D.C. editions published in the last 12 months), CLICK HERE. To see when the state information chapter for your state was last completely revised and updated, CLICK HERE. To see when the Kindle edition for your state was last revised and updated, CLICK HERE.

Please note that all editions in this series are electronic books (e-books). WE DO NOT PUBLISH ANY PRINT EDITIONS OF THIS E-BOOK SERIES. (THE FORMER PRINT EDITIONS, BY A DIFFERENT PUBLISHER, CEASED PUBLICATION IN 2005.) Each edition is now in an electronic format and is designed to be read on your computer (but you may also print it out). The included Windows software program, Small Business Advisor, will assemble a customized e-book edition for you in a few seconds, displayed as an HTML file that is read by your browser, tailored to fit your specific business and covering the laws and taxes of the state edition you select.

ORDERING INFORMATION THAT MAY BE OF INTEREST: Before you order from the product list below, you may want to first read about how to order, online security, different ways of making payment, when the product is shipped to you on CD-ROM (or is not), when sales tax is applicable, our free shipping policy, and more, by clicking here.

ORDER A KINDLE STATE EDITION FOR YOUR STATE (FROM AMAZON.COM): Kindle versions of each of the various state editions (and a D.C. edition) of the "Starting and Operating a Business in (your state)" e-books are now available for $9.99 each. All are recent editions, each fully revised and updated in 2018, 2019, or 2020. See our update information page to see the dates on which our Kindle books (and state content) were updated. All editions have been updated since enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 in December, 2017.

Kindle e-books may be read on your Kindle device, or on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, or other smartphones or tablet devices, if you download the applicable free Kindle "reading app" from Amazon.com. To select and order the Kindle edition for your state, [CLICK HERE], or click on the image below to order the 2017 Florida Edition.

(NOTE: Kindle editions do not include our "Small Business Advisor" artificial intelligence software, and while all Kindle editions were fully updated as of their publication dates in 2016 or 2017, the federal laws/taxes content of some Kindle editions is not as as up-to-date as the current Small Business Advisor versions, which we update regularly for federal law changes throughout the year.)

Or, select the "Small Business Advisor" Windows software program (below) for any of 32 states or the District of Columbia ($19.95). Each "Small Business Advisor" software program contains the complete e-book for your state, in HTML format (read with Internet Explorer), and the front-end Windows software that will customize the e-book text and comprehensive checklists to reflect the facts of your specific business, after guiding you through a brief interview of 15 to 20 questions about your small business.

SINGLE STATE VERSION (NOT ON CD-ROM): To order the downloadable (software/e-book combination), for $19.95, click on the downloadable state edition you wish to buy from the list of states below:

Alabama Edition
Alaska Edition
Arizona Edition
Arkansas Edition
California Edition
Colorado Edition
Connecticut Edition
Delaware Edition
District of Columbia Edition
Florida Edition
Georgia Edition
Hawaii Edition
Maine Edition
Massachusetts Edition
Michigan Edition
Minnesota Edition
Missouri Edition
Nebraska Edition
Nevada Edition
New Hampshire Edition
New Jersey Edition
New Mexico Edition
New York Edition
North Carolina Edition
North Dakota Edition
Pennsylvania Edition
South Carolina Edition
South Dakota Edition
Texas Edition
Vermont Edition
Washington Edition
West Virginia Edition
Wyoming Edition

IMPORTANT NOTE: The state editions are no longer available since 2013 for the following 18 states: ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MS, MT, OH, OK, OR, RI, TN, UT, VA, and WI.

SINGLE STATE VERSION ON CD-ROM: Windows users may order the single-state version of Small Business Advisor (software e-book combination) on CD-ROM (which is also downloadable), for $24.95 (Do not order the CD-ROM unless you live in the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii -- we do not ship or mail outside the U.S.): [ORDER]

(The CD-ROM actually contains the text for all 33 state editions, but you can only unlock one.)

ORDER 1 OR MORE SPECIFIED STATE EDITIONS BY MAIL ("MIX & MATCH"): To order the Small Business Advisor software/e-book combination by mail, print out and mail us an order form along with your payment. Using the order form, you can order any number of state editions that you specify ($19.95 for the first state, $6 for each additional state edition -- Add $5 if you want it on CD-ROM, if you live in the continental U.S., Alaska, or Hawaii -- We do not ship CD's to other countries or U.S. territories).

PROFESSIONAL VERSION: This version includes all 32 state editions plus the D.C. edition of "Starting and Operating a Business in ....(state)." The $99.00 price includes an immediate download of the file (about 8 MB) and a CD-ROM mailed to you, usually the same day. There are no shipping or handling charges. (However, a CD-ROM is not included if your address is not in the continental U.S., Alaska, or Hawaii. We do not ship CD's outside of the U.S.) [ORDER] (For Windows users only.)

NOTE: The state editions that are NOT included in the Professional Version are for the following states: ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MS, MT, OH, OK, OR, RI, TN, UT, VA, and WI.

PROFESSIONAL VERSION SITE LICENSE: Universities or other organizations that wish to purchase a site license, allowing them to make and distribute up to 50 copies of the Professional Version for their students or members may do so by ordering the Site License for the Professional Version -- $199.00 -- at this ORDERING LINK.

ORDERING INFORMATION (PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING): There are several things you may wish to note before placing an order:

  • METHODS OF ORDERING: Windows users may order online, by clicking on any of the order links on this web page, or you may print out and mail our Small Business Advisor software/HTML e-book combo order form with your payment if you wish to order by mail.

  • MAC USERS PLEASE NOTE: No Mac software version or CD-ROM version is available for Mac users. Instead, we offer Kindle e-book editions for the Mac and other platforms. Click here to select and order the Kindle edition for your state.

  • SECURITY: All online orders are placed through the SWREG/MyCommerce secure payments system, except for Kindle editions, which are purchased through Amazon.com. SWREG is the world's oldest seller of software on the Internet, and was recently acquired by Digital River, Inc., the large publicly-traded e-commerce company and parent of MyCommerce and SWREG.

  • SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR SOFTWARE IS INCLUDED: All orders other than for Kindle editions, whether for one state edition or for all 33 state and D.C. editions, include at no extra charge, the Small Business Advisor front-end (Windows) software that assembles and creates the e-books (in HTML file format) on your computer, customized for your specific business. (Sorry, there is no Small Business Advisor software for Mac computers.)

  • DOWNLOAD LINKS: All on-line purchasers will immediately receive a link (by e-mail from SWREG/MyCommerce), a URL where you can download the software from the SWREG website. If you order by "snail mail," we will e-mail you a link if you provide us your e-mail address with your order form. Otherwise, we will mail you the download link, unless we are mailing you a CD-ROM. (If you don't immediately receive an e-mail containing your download link after placing an order online, check to see if it is in your "SPAM" folder.)

  • CD-ROMS: The 33-state Professional Version ($99) includes, at no extra charge or any shipping or handling charge, a CD-ROM, mailed to you first class in the U.S. (only). The single-state ($19.95) download-only version does NOT include a CD-ROM, but for an additional $5.00 ($24.95 total) you can receive the single-state version on CD-ROM, if you live in the U.S.

    Due to complex new Federal customs regulations, we will no longer mail CD-ROM's to shipping addresses in foreign countries or to an overseas U.S. Territory.

  • FORMS OF PAYMENT: If you are ordering online, SWREG/MyCommerce accepts a wide range of payment forms, in over 30 currencies, including payment by credit card, PayPal, or check. If you print out an Order Form and mail it to us, we can only accept check, cash, or money order (payable to Michael D. Jenkins, in the case of checks or money orders).

  • ORDERING BY MAIL: If you prefer to order Small Business Advisor by mail, and to pay by check, cash, or money order, CLICK HERE to view and print out an order form, which contains our mailing address. We cannot accept credit card orders by mail.

  • SALES TAX AND VAT TAXES: For online purchases (through SWREG.ORG), sales tax will be charged to all residents of MN, CO, GA, IA, IL, NE, and UT or where a CD-ROM is shipped to an address in one of those states. Other states may soon start collecting sales on Internet sales as well, under a 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision. Foreign purchasers (Euro zone) will be charged any applicable VAT tax. If you order directly from the author (in Utah) by mail, sales tax is applicable only if you live in Utah or if the shipping address is in Utah. If you reside in any state that does not require our retailer (SWREG) to collect sales tax, no will be collected from you, but you may be required by state law to pay use tax on your purchase (except in states with no sales taxes: DE, MT, NH, and OR -- Alaska has sales and use tax in some boroughs, but not in Anchorage or Fairbanks).

  • SHIPPING AND HANDLING: We do not charge for shipping or handling. When we send you the Small Business Advisor software on a CD-ROM, it is sent by first-class mail and we bear the cost. However, if you are ordering the $19.95 single-state version, we charge $5.00 extra for the CD-ROM. (There is no extra charge for the CD-ROM when ordering the $99.00 Professional Version.) No CD-ROM will be sent, however, if your shipping address is in a foreign country or U.S. Territory.

          Send Mail to:  mdjenk@aol.com with questions or comments.