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To form an LLC under the laws of Wisconsin, one or more persons must file articles of organization with the Department of Financial Institutions, which must be accompanied by a filing fee of $130, if filing electronically ($170 if filed on paper). [WISC. STAT. Sec. 183.0114(a) and DFI website fee listing, 04/2016]

Wisconsin state law allows formation of one-owner LLCs, which now may qualify for treatment as sole proprietorships for federal tax purposes. However, note that a disregarded entity LLC that is treated as an employer for federal income tax purposes is considered an employer for Wisconsin state income tax withholding purposes as well, rather than treating the individual owner as the employer.

If you need help setting up an LLC in Wisconsin, or any other state, Northwest Registered Agent LLC or other LLC services will handle the entire process of creating an LLC for you very inexpensively. Of course, you will still owe the required filing fees that are payable to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions when forming an LLC in Wisconsin. (Or, even if you draw up your own LLC documents, you may need a "registered agent" for your LLC in any state in which you do business but don't have offices.

Foreign LLCs, those formed under the laws of another state, must obtain a certificate of authority to do business in Wisconsin, by filing an application for a certificate of authority with the Department of Financial Institutions and paying a filing fee of $100. [WISC. STAT. Sec. 183.0114(p)]

In addition to initial filing fees, an LLC is required to file an annual report and pay the applicable filing fee, which is $25 for a domestic LLC. Additional annual fees may apply to a foreign LLC. [WISC. STAT. Secs. 183.0114(v) and (w) and 183.120]

For more information on filing articles of organization for an LLC, see the contact information for the offices of the Department of Financial Institutions, listed in Section VI(a) [hyper-text link disabled] of the State Chapter of "Starting and Operating a Business in Wisconsin."

(NOTE: "Starting and Operating a Business in Wisconsin," formerly published as a Kindle e-book, is no longer available for sale since November, 2013.)

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