Many of our readers have requested guidance or help as to how to go about forming an LLC or corporation on a shoestring budget, since it can be somewhat costly to have a law firm do that for you. If you want to create an LLC yourself (you don't have to be a lawyer), publishers like Nolo Press offer do-it-yourself LLC packages, for only $99 in the case of Nolo.

However, not everyone is willing to draw up and file the necessary documents on their own. While we are not engaged in the business of setting up LLCs or corporations ourselves and haven't written any "how-to" books on setting up an LLC, we can point out that there are a number of companies (which are not law firms), like Northwest Registered Agent LLC of Spokane, Washington, that can very inexpensively form a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation on your behalf, in any state. Another such firm is CenterPoint Corporate Services of Incline Village, Nevada, which also provides incorporation and LLC formation services, generally for much less than a law firm will charge.

If you want to set up an LLC in your home state or any other state, or need Registered Agent services in any state where your LLC does or will do business, Northwest Registered Agent LLC will handle the entire process of creating an LLC (or corporation) for you for a flat fee of $100, which is the lowest disclosed price we have found so far among the various companies that specialize in setting up LLCs.

(Of course, you will also have to pay any fees or taxes that the state requires when forming an LLC -- but this particular firm does not "mark up" those costs that they pay on your behalf, unlike some of the other incorporation/LLC formation firms or law firms, which is another reason we suggest using such a company. You also know up front, before signing up, what their fee will be -- $100 -- which is not always the case with other such companies or attorneys.)

Northwest Registered Agent LLC has a simple one-page online sign-up page for creating your LLC. Just click here to fill out their form, and for $100 plus applicable state fees or taxes, you can have an LLC up and running in a few days.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC also offers $100 corporate formation services for every state.

REGISTERED AGENT REQUIREMENTS. Also be aware that your LLC or corporation is usually required to have a "registered agent" in each state in which it does business, for service of legal process and other purposes. For example, if your business incorporates or qualifies to do business in Delaware, you must maintain an office or have a registered agent in Delaware under that state's laws -- a post office box is not sufficient.

Thus, unless you plan to establish offices in states where you do business, you may need to retain a registered agent in any such state in which you do not have actual offices. Northwest Registered Agent LLC will serve as your registered agent in any state for $125 a year or less. For information on the nature of the registered agent services that they provide to LLCs or corporations, click here. (Note that even if you are a "do-it-yourselfer" and set up an LLC yourself, they will review your LLC documents at no charge before you file them, if you have retained them as your registered agent in one or more states.)

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